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LIQUID GOLD HAIR PRODUCTS COMPANY\n\n IN LOS ANGELES FOR OVER 25 YEARS\n\n \n\nBLACK OWN FIRM PRODUCTS SOLD & DISTRIBUTED ALL OVER THE WORLD\n\n \n\nDr. Edward Tony Lloneau gained his PHD from the National Beauty Culture League (NBCL) and sanctioned through Howard University: His expertise in the area of Trichology (the science & study of hair, cialis sales  scalp and the care of both) Dr. Lloneau has worked in the hair care business for over 40 years.  He helped develop products for Johnson Products (Ultra Sheen) Soft Sheen Products, Worlds of Curls, California Curls, and Pro Line to mention a few.  Dr. Lloneau has received many awards and recognitions from professional service organization within the cosmetology industry including “Man Of The Year”, Manufacture Of The Year” and “Best Instructor Of The Year” and many more, he is also a contributor to the cosmetology text books.\n\nDr. Lloneau developed his product line by searching the industry to see what was needed that was not being provided by the manufactures.  He found that (hair weaving) was very popular especially among black women here and world wide.  The method was to create a series of  braids across the scalp, then sew the hair tracts to the braids (called plats), This procedure took hours and was expensive.  In the late 1980s a method was used to glue the added hair to the natural hair close too the scalp after parting.. The glue used was latex based and would come loose when wet.  This method took about an hour to complete at a greatly reduced cost, but would come loose in short period of time.  Dr. Lloneau took notice of this, and by experimenting with and mixing many kinds and types of adhesives developed the hair bonding product that he named LIQUID GOLD because of its deep amber color.  Liquid Gold had many advantages over the other bonding products.\n

  1. Liquid Gold is clear and invisible when dry. The others dried black or white and could be seen if applied to hair not the same color.
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  3. Liquid Gold would stay on through 3-5 shampoos or more, others come loose when wet.
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  5. Liquid Gold contained NO Latex, eliminating the possibility of a allergic reaction.
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  7. Liquid Gold will bond even when dry on both the hair and the tract (weft) and could be heat sealed with a curling iron in order for a longer closer bond.
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  9. Liquid Gold can also be used to attache’ extensions for braids, contrasting colors, longer and fuller looking hair.  This is done without the need of  special equipment such as a glue gun, or glue pot, using ordinary bulk hair.
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  11. Liquid Gold can also be used to apply hair (Off the tract) for hair to hair application that is virtually undetectable.
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  13. You can also do strand to strand applications.
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\nMost hair care products produced by black manufactures are only used and sold to black consumers.  Liquid Gold has the distinction of being popular with all cultures as a weaving and extensions use with the same product.\n\nLiquid Gold Bond Adhesive cost  more then most all other similar product, but due to its higher quality, multi-use and superior staying feature, the price has not hindered the sales or popularity of the products.  Because of those features, the product does cost more to produce then others.\n\nThe product first got its start by being place in Beauty Supply Stores on consignment in Los Angeles.  The product would be placed next to the similar products.  Every ten days or two weeks Dr. Lloneau would go back to check and re-stock the product.  The line consisted of only two items, the Adhesive and a remover called Bond Dissolver.  The dissolver did well because it would remove other brands of bonding glues also and did it better because it actually contained solvent that would safely loosen the bond much faster without hair breakage.  Soon the beauty suppliers were calling for more before Dr. Lloneau could get back. It was not long before the beauty product distributors were getting calls for the products, and contacted Dr. Lloneau for the products to service stores all over California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and Washington State. The word soon spread to distributes in other cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and others.  It was not long before the notoriety of Liquid Gold spread to the UK and other European countries.\n\nWhat is so remarkable about this is that it was done without any consumer advertising.  The only advertising was in trade publications to the beauty supply industry.  This got the product in the stores, after that it sold it self.  Dr. Lloneau paid for the ads by writing articles relating to the beauty industry in exchange for ad space in the magazine.\n\nDr. Lloneau’s son & daughter work with him in the business along with 4 other employees.\n\nDr. Lloneau also teaches classes at Trade Shows around the country on the subject of Cosmetology Chemistry and Trichology as it relates to cosmetology and chemistry in regards to how products work to bring about a change in the hair.  He has also written a book on the subject title WHAT THE TEXT BOOKS AND STATE BOARDS OF COSMETOLOGY LEFT OUT AND IGNORED.\n\nThe purpose of the book and lectures are to inform the readers of the fact that when ethnic students graduate from Cosmetology schools knowing ONLY WHAT WAS IN THE TEXT BOOK AND THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE STATE BOARDS (and no more) they do not have enough information to perform many of the services required by their Ethnic Clientele.\n\nDr. Lloneau is a resident of the Crenshaw Community (Baldwin Hills), in Los Angeles his business is located in Gardena, California.\n\nLiquid Gold will soon be in major retail stores, as soon as a advertising program is in place. The product should do well there because it does not compete with any other product in these stores.  The product is in an attractive blister pack that is designed to hang on a rack in the hair care section.  Due to the fact that Liquid Gold is a multicultural product, it will be displayed in both ethnic and general market sections of the hair care display. It is rare for a black manufacture of hair care products to be able to cross over into the total market. Heres hoping that other black manufactures can do the same without having to hide their identity.\n\nIf you would like to get more information on Dr. Lloneau’s products and see some of his articles go on line to go to the top of the home page to media, click on blog and there you will see “archives” with list of over 25 articles to choose from.\n\nE-Mail (no I in bonding)\n\nPhone: 310-283-7118\n


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