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             By:  Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau



\n \n\nThe Purpose of this article is to allow you to better serve your customers and patrons when they seek your advice as to what type of products to use and how to use them.\n\n \n\nHealthy hair must first begin with a healthy scalp.  Both the hair and the scalp must be cleansed on a frequent basis, medical here a minimum of once per week.  However, shop discount if you are into fitness and work out three or more times per week, search I strongly recommend that you shampoo the hair at least three times per week.  When a person works out and perspires, the scalp also excretes perspiration through the hair follicles.  Therefore, just as you shower after a work out to remove body odors and perspiration, remember to also include shampooing the hair.  Hair on the scalp also holds odors when not cleansed.\n\nIn most cases, signs of unhealthy hair will include excessive dryness, brittleness to the touch, excessive shedding, and brittle ends.  Natural hair needs to be trimmed on a regular basis.  When a person waits longer than two months to have their ends trimmed, the split ends, which have accumulated, will continue to split further up the shaft and may require a shorter haircut than desired.  In addition, if you have any systemic illness, are taking any prescription medication, or have a very poor diet, you will have unhealthy hair that will be reflected in various hair loss and scalp disorder conditions.\n\nContrary to popular belief, to a certain extent, colored hair that is natural can be maintained to be as healthy as possible.  Any time an individual applies a hair color, a chemical has been applied.  Weekly conditioning treatments should follow processing the hair with color.   There are hair coloring options available- a rinse, which is designed to last from shampoo to shampoo; a semi-permanent rinse which is designed to last from 6-8 weeks; a semi-permanent rinse that will remain up to 24 weeks.  Permanent color, which is designed to be just that, permanent, requires additional applications or “touch ups” on the new hair growth.  Use caution when applying hair color at home because some people may experience an allergic reaction to the ingredients.  A simple allergic test can be performed that will alert you to if you are allergic to a product.  Put a small amount on the bend of the elbow or behind an ear.  After a few minutes if you feel a burning or irritation and the area turns red, this is an indication of an allergic reaction.  If the test is for permanent color, clean the test area with lemon juice, if the test was for a curly perm, clean with peroxide.  There is no allergic test for relaxers because the active ingredient will irritate any way.\n\nAn excessively itchy scalp affects millions of Americans on a daily basis.  The reason could result from a combination of several contributing factors.  One main reason includes the frequency in which many women shampoo their hair.  Weekly shampooing avoids oil accumulation on the scalp, which can add to excessive itchiness, scaly scalp disorders, scalp inflammation and even hair breakage.  Scratching an itchy scalp may bring only temporary relief and the condition may be a symptom of other heath conditions that can be present.  One suggestion is to change hair care products.  Check the labels on new shampoos and conditioners for ingredients that you may be allergic to.  Even innocent sounding plant extracts sometimes cause allergic reactions.\n\nAs for using hair products, in my opinion, the best way to shampoo and condition natural hair at home is in the shower, as compared to shampooing over the kitchen sink.  Furthermore, natural hair longer than five inches is more difficult to rinse in the sink and may tangle more easily.  Another benefit of shampooing and conditioning while in the shower is that you will be able to cleanse your hair and scalp more thoroughly.\n\nI also recommend using a moisturizer on the hair and light oil on the scalp.  Use just enough of the product to lightly lubricate the scalp.  You don’t need to apply an excessive amount because once the hair and scalp has absorbed what it needs; any additional product will be wasted.\n\nWhen conditioning hair, do not use “Detangling Shampoos”, because they coat the hair with a polymer similar to a wax, this will lock out the conditioners that follow causing the conditioner to be ineffective.\n\nDetangling shampoos are designed to allow you to shampoo without a follow up cream rinse or a balsam or any other after shampoo conditioner.  The most popular brands are Cream of Nature and Milk Plus 6.  They are fine for use on hair that does not need special attention.  Do not use on any hair that has received a chemical service such as Relaxers, Curly Perms and Color Treatments.


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