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\n\n\n \n\n Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau\n\n \n\nTrichology is the science and study of Hair Scalp and what ever specialty is being considered?\n\nFor example, illness the study could be for Medical, remedy Nutritional, Alopicia, Chemistry and Thermo Trichology.   TRI means three OLOGY means the science and study of the specialty.  In my case the specialty is Chemistry and Thermo as it relates to there purpose in the practice of Cosmetology.\n\n \n\nMEDICAL TRICHOLOGY deals with how certain medications can affect the hair through the blood stream.  For example how Chemotherapy Therapy treatments for Cancer affects hair growth and breakage of hair and other hair and scalp maladies caused and treated by medications.\n\n\n \n\nNUTRITIONAL TRICHOLOGY deals with how and why the food and vitamins affect the hair, and how certain food, drinks and medications intake can have a negative affect on relaxers, curly perms and permanent hair color, by changing the PH metabolism of the body, and how to use nutrition to enhance hair, scalp, and body health.\n\n \n\nALOPECIA TRICHOLOGY deals with the cause and treatment of natural and abnormal hair loss.  This is  a highly specialized form of Tricohology because it is complex and can be difficult to   pin point, and may differ in men as opposed to women.\n\n \n\nTHERMO TRICHOLOGY may not seem to belong in the category of Trichology but it does deal with how heat treatments used in Cosmetology work.  Such as Curling Irons, Pressing Combs, Flat Irons, Dryers and heat treatments i.e. heat caps and heat lamps for processing color and deep penetrating conditioners.\n\n \n\nCHEMISTRY TRICHOLOGY has to do with how the chemicals in hair care products affect the hair in order to bring about the expected change such as Ammonium Thioglolic for (cold wave Curly Perms).  Sodium Hydroxide and Calcium, Lithium and other Hydroxide ingredient (so called No Lye relaxers) used in hair relaxers. Permanent hair color products, and how deep penetrating conditioners work to treat and repair extreme hair damage. \n\n \n\nIt also deals with how to recognize a problem and deal with it in relation to chemical services.  Although Thermo Trichology does not generally involve hair penetrating chemicals, it does explain how this service changes the temporary appearance of hair.\n\n \n\nWhen students go to Cosmetology School to learn this craft, they are taught how to apply the products that brings about a change on and in the hair, and what the end results should be.  However, they do not learn how the chemicals in the product interact with the hair to bring about the change.  All that they are taught is what the end results should be if everything goes well.  In other words, they learn about the products the same way they do when they learn how to operate an automobile. They know how to drive, stop and control the vehicle but have no conception of the mechanical workings of the automobile.  This is how cosmetologist are trained to enter the world of Cosmetology.\n\n \n\nThere are basically four (4) chemical services employed in Cosmetology that penetrate the hair to bring about a change.  They are relaxer, Curly Perm, Permanent Hair Color and deep penetrating conditioning treatments. Most Cosmetologist are skilled at performing these services, but have little knowledge as too how they work to bring about the expected change.  The reason that this is important, is because if something should go wrong, they are helpless to stop or control problems, because they do not know what the interaction of the products is in relation to the hair other than what the final results should be if everything went as expected.\n\n \n\nThe chemical changes as outlined above will be explained in detail in the article entitled HOW CHEMICALS USED IN COSMETOLOGY BRING ABOUT A CHANGE IN THE HAIR.\n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n liquidgoldbondng@aol.com\n\n (310) 283-7118\n\n \n\n \n\n \n\n

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