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By\n\n Dr. Edward Tony Lloneau\n\nThe electric curling iron is INDOTHERMIC THE STOVE HEATED IRON IS EXOTHERMIC MEANING THAT ONE IS HEATED FROM THE INSIDE OUT, viagra sales prescription THE OTHER IS HEATED FROM THE OUTSIDE IN.  The electric iron has a heating element located on the inside of the curling pin handle and the outer surface is INDIRECTLY heated.  The stove heated iron is heated by being place in a stove (or oven) designed for this purpose.  This is DIRECT heat.  Indirect heat means that the surface of the iron did not come into contact with its heating source.  Direct heat means that the surface that comes into direct contact with the hair also came into direct contact with its heating source.\n\n\nThe heating element in an electric iron can burn out in a much shorter time then a stove heater.  The maximum life spanned of an electric iron when used professionally on an everyday basis is 1 year or less.  The life time of a stove heated iron and stove under identical usage is indefinite.  So on a purely economical bases, pharm buy viagra the stove heated iron is much more practical.  There are many more advantages of the stove heated iron, they are as follows:\n\n 1. There is no electronic umbilical cord to hinder or restrict your movement.\n\n 2.  There are many more sizes and types to choose from.  There are more then 30 choices of size and type of stove heated irons compared to less than 12 electric iron choices.\n\n 3.  Even though both irons may measure the same temperature, the stove type will be a much more intense heat and will maintain that heat longer. (Due to its DIRECT heating quality)\n\n 4. the metal of the surface of the electric iron is 3-5 times thinner then on the stove heated type, therefore cannot withstand as much heat before melting or loosing its shape.\n\n 5.  Due to the fact shown in #4 above, the stove type iron can be heated to what ever degree needed to curl extremely course or hard to manage hair.\n\n 6.  Most electric curling iron only have the heating element directed to the pin only, so that is where the heat is concentrated.  The pin and the shell of the stove heated iron get equal assess to the heat so that both sides of a strand to be curled get equal heat.\n\n 7.  The stove headed irons use much less electricity when several irons are being used at the same time.  A stove heater uses less electricity then two electric curling irons no matter how many irons are involved.\n\nAll the above information is an understandable argument to support the need of the stove type iron to be marketed to the general market and not just primarily to the ethnic consumer.  This will automatically create increase demands for the stoves and will open the way to treble the number of Beauty Supply outlets to meet the demand for both the stove and the irons.\n\n 8.  The stove heated Marcel Irons will outlast the electric curling irons because they are made of much thicker carbon dated steel, where by the electric irons outer surface is of a much thinner metal, and therefore cannot withstand as much heat for a longer period of time than the stove heated irons.  Also the electrical components can burn or short out in a short period of time compared to the longevity of the stove heated irons, especially when used professionally on a daily bases.\n\nThe stove heated irons have been in wide use by black cosmetologist going back to the 1920’s and are still the iron of choice by a large majority of that minority.  The main reason is because most (if not all) electric irons can not reach or maintain the heat required to curl virgin afro hair.  This is due to the fact that most virgin afro hair has twice as many over lapping cuticle scales then most straight hair, therefore requires more heat to do the expected without damage to the hair.\n\nThere are many choices of brands of stoves and stove heated curling irons to choose from.  Some have features that are very appealing and others have features that are more practical.  The two most popular brands of stove heated irons, stoves and matching stands are Golden Supreme and Kizure, for example Golden Supreme brand handles are available in a verity of bright pastel color with matching colors for the stove and stand.  (The stand is an optional item that houses the stove and holds several curling irons around or on each side of the stove).  The stand puts the irons in easy assess for quick and easy selection when and as needed.\n\nThe Kizure brand irons have recessed handles no metal protruding tip on the ends) this feature prevents the ends from causing the heel of the hand to burn and blister resulting in a permanent callus on the hand.  The joints of the Kizure irons are of a one piece integrated construction that fit neatly into each other, with the pin built in instead of added on that can later work loose, corrode or break.  Golden Supreme and Kizure stoves have thermostat controls that regulate the heat to prevent over heating of the irons.  However the Kizure stove is heavily insulated so that the outer surface will not burn to the touch and to hold heat longer using less power, and will not crack mirrors if placed to close and they both have a fuse to prevent power surge damage.   One Kizure stove model can accommodate up to 4 irons at the same time.\n\nThe preceding information should serve as a guide when the need to replace equipment comes about.\n


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